MEEA Environmental Educator – Level 2

Requirements – Understanding

Level II includes two multi-part written projects that show understanding of how the
field of environmental education developed and evolved, and of how to evaluate
environmental education resources and lessons, and 30 hours of approved workshops.
The Level II requirements use multi-part written projects and badges to assess the
candidates understanding of and dispositions towards environmental education.
Applicants must also complete 30 hours of professional development workshops and they
can begin working on badges.

PROJECTS: The certification coordinator or peer graders will review the papers and
evaluate them using a rubric available to the applicants. Applicants must score 85% to
pass and can resubmit once if they don’t pass, using the comments on the rubric to
improve their score.

Below are detailed directions and examples for each project. Once you begin Level 2, you
will be emailed additional information and documents to assist with your completion of
level 2.

Level 2 Project 1: Directions
Level 2 Project 1: Example
Level 2, Project 2: Directions
Level 2, Project 2: Examples

BADGES: Using the honor system, applicants can acquire virtual badges certifying that
they have demonstrated a particular skill. The only required skills 1) are model respectful,
reasoned, behavior in 2 presentations and one interaction; 2) demonstrate 3 instructional
methods for EE; 3) describe occasions where you were able to engage learners; and 4)
demonstrate using teachable moments.

Applicants will demonstrate their skill in front of a third party who is knowledgeable about
the skill who will sign and date a skill sheet – very similar to what scouts do to add

Professional Development Experiences: Applicants must have attended 30 hours of
professional development within 3 years of submitting their application. Professional
development should be consistent with the goals established in their application and
should help prepare them for the required quizzes, exams, papers and portfolio

Applicants will submit a list of program names, the providers, the dates, the hours and
briefly describe what they learned (skill, instructional strategy, etc.) within the context of
their self assessment and plan for professional development.

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NAAEE Requirements Met


1.1.1 Compare and contrast 3 different investigative approaches/methods/modes
and apply at least one of them to an environmental topic*

1.1.2 Describe 2 scenarios in which environmental knowledge is incomplete and
explain how environmental knowledge continues to change as discoveries are

1.1.3 Critically analyze 2 or more sources of information for accuracy and reliability*

2.1.1 Describe the goals, objectives and characteristics of EE that contribute to
making it a distinct field

2.2.1 Identify 2 major national and 2 state EE providers and the resources they offer

2.3.1 Explain the evolution of the field of EE by citing and describing the
significance or impact of 2 historical documents, 3 movements (historical and
emerging), 2 policies, and 3 individuals in making the field what it is today

2.3.2 Discuss how at least 1 current policy impacts her or his day-to-day work


3.1.1 Model responsible, respectful and reasoned behavior during 2 presentations
and an interaction (committee meetings, activities, communications, etc.) with a
local community

4.2.1 Demonstrate three distinct instructional methods that are particularly suited
to EE (see list on p. 14 of Guidelines for Initial Prep of Env Educators)

5.3.1 Demonstrate that s/he is able to take advantage of “teachable moments” by
being flexible and open to student questions and ideas