MEEA Environmental Educator – Level 1

Requirements- Knowledge

REMINDER: The MEEA Certification Program is currently experiencing a comprehensive update and overhaul by our Certification Committee.  We will also be incorporating some exciting “micro-credential” course offerings into our Certification Program:  Fundamentals of Environmental Education, Climate Change and JEDIA

In the mean time, thank you for your patience as we work to create this “new and improved” professional development opportunity for our members!


For now, interested educators may study and practice the questions in advance by downloading the study guide questions posted below.

Quiz 1: The Living Environment

Quiz 2: Earth as a Physical System

Quiz 3: Humans and Their Societies

Quiz 4: Environment and Society

Quiz 5: Fundamentals of Environmental Education

Quiz 6: Missouri Natural and Cultural History

NAAEE Requirements Met

1.2.1 Demonstrate understanding of processes and systems of a) biological change, b) cycles, physical processes that shape the earth and energy flow, c) biodiversity, d) cultural, political and economic systems, e) human interactions with the environment, f) ecological consequences

1.2.2 Demonstrate knowledge of the certifying state and bioregion’s natural and cultural histories

1.3.1 Differentiate between an environmental event, problem and issue