Professional Development

The environment is always changing and we should be, too. MEEA can support you in your lifelong learning as an environmental educator.

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Professional Development: Learn, Network and Grow

Workshops and Other Events: Mark Your Calendar!

MEEA keeps track of who’s doing what, where and when! Learn about the EE events going on in your neck of the woods and across the state.

Our Annual Conference

Join formal and nonformal educators and EE supporters for hands-on sessions to put theory into practice, and network with folks from across our state. Learn about our annual MEEA conference in November.

Webinars, Websites & Other Opportunities

Exploring ways to share ideas, expertise, challenges, and success stories is a great way to grow. Know of a great learning link or opportunity? Send it our way so we can share with others!

EE Certification: Challenge Yourself

The MEEA Environmental Education Certification program ensures you have the knowledge, understanding, and skills to be an effective voice for the environment. You can do this!

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