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July 2017

Green Teen Alliance green space challenge

Youth from multiple St. Louis Green Teen Alliance programs work together on a green space design challenge during Base Camp on June 15 in Forest Park. They also rotated through activities to boost their skills in plant identification, professionalism, and personal care while working outdoors.

Table of Contents - St. Louis Green Teen Alliance, July Calendar, 2017 MOGSEE Conference, MEEA News, In Other News, Grants and Awards, Conferences, Workshops, Missouri Events Calendars, Jobs


St. Louis Green Teen Alliance

MEEA President Susan Flowers writes about a coalition of St. Louis organizations that are all paying teens for valuable environmental work.

You know that wonderful moment when you meet someone and you find out that you share core values and have common goals? For me that is what membership in MEEA is all about, and it is also the story of the St. Louis Green Teen Alliance.

This effort began when a few people met to share ideas about how to better engage youth in St. Louis area farms, forests, and fields. The group realized that they were all working on some big issues through their youth programs – workforce development, racial equity, and environmental justice. These are issues bigger than any one organization, and the group decided to pool resources and work together to support their youth.

The St. Louis Green Teen Alliance core team includes EarthDance Farm, Forest Park Forever, Gateway Greening, Missouri Botanical Garden, CAASTLC–Seeds of Hope Farm, and Tyson Research Center. The common goal is to grow the future of the green workforce by engaging youth in environmental work. Shared values are (1) teens get hands-on experience working outdoors and can see a difference because of their efforts, (2) teens deserve to be compensated fairly for their hard work, (3) commitment to employment pathways for St. Louis area teens to explore careers in environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture, and related research, and (4) commitment to diversity and broadening participation of historically marginalized people in environmental work.

Together the Alliance organizations provide paid job opportunities in sustainable agriculture, habitat restoration, and environmental research for 100+ teens every summer. And the teens are all brought together to connect, reflect, and explore green careers during four events: Base Camp in June, Career Summit in August, Community Showcase in October, and Winter Social in December.

Things to Look for (or Look Out for) in July

2017 MOGSEE Conference

MOGSEE 2017 Confernence Logo

Join us November 3-4 at the Kansas City Zoo for the 2017 Green Schools and Environmental Education Conference!

The deadline for interactive proposals is closed but you can still submit a table talk or poster (DEADLINE OCTOBER 15) or the EE Slam (WHILE SPACE IS AVAILABLE)



In other News


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