Missouri Green Schools helps schools set, achieve, and recognize environmental sustainability, health and learning goals.

Missouri Green Schools Honorees- Coming Soon!

Seeking Applicants for the Federal Green Ribbon Award

In the state of Missouri, Missouri Green Schools (MGS) serves as the conduit for the U.S Department of Education Green Ribbon School (ED-GRS) Award. Both MGS and ED-GRS are aligned with and recognize schools for their achievements across all three “pillars” of a green school:

     1) reduced environmental impacts and costs;
     2) improved health and wellness of schools, students and staff;
     3) effective environmental and sustainability education.

In order to be considered please email mgs@meea.org

Seeking Pilot Schools for the 2020-21 School Year

Missouri Green Schools is a free tracking and recognition program designed to help PreK-12 schools in Missouri:

  • improve the health and wellness of students and staff,
  • reduce environmental impact, and
  • incorporate environmental and sustainability education.

Schools can see stronger educational outcomes and reduced costs as a result of big and small changes that also help the environment. These changes can happen throughout the school building and grounds, educational programming, and culture.

Schools with 60% or more free and reduced priced lunch programs have the opportunity for additional support, including access to one-on-one assistance in setting goals and tracking progress as well as financial support for staff professional development and through small grant opportunities.

Are you interested in becoming a Missouri Green School and venturing on the path towards state and national recognition for your efforts? Head on over to the Participate page to see how!

U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools

Congratulations to the 2020 US Dept of Education Green Ribbon Schools Missouri honorees!

These schools exemplify what it means to be a green school, and we are proud they have achieved this distinction.

Parkway School District--Not One, but Two Sustainability Coordinators



  • Reducing Environmental Impacts–Parkway hired their first Sustainability Coordinator in 2010, setting the stage for the districtwide benchmarking and goal-setting that has led to the impressive decrease in energy use, water consumption, and waste of all sorts.
  • Improving Health & Wellness–From the Indoor Air Quality Task Force to the ropes course adventure learning opportunities to food pantries kept stocked at many of their schools, PSD works to improve the overall health of their students and staff in a variety of ways.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Education–In 2018, PSD brought in a second sustainability coordinator, this time focusing on the integration of sustainability into the curriculum. This school year, the Board of Education approved the inclusion of the Parkway Principles of Education for Sustainability into the elementary science curriculum, guaranteeing that students across this district will understand that they share the Earth with many others, learn how their actions make a difference, and develop their systems thinking skills.

Mary Institute Country Day School--Infusing Sustainability throughout the Curriculum, Buildings, and Landscape

Mary Institute


  • Reducing Environmental Impacts–Extensive improvements to the buildings that have earned the school an Energy Star Portfolio Manager score of 89 and adoption of landcare practices that include using a 10,000-gallon rainwater collection tank and 1,100 gallons-per-day greywater tank to irrigate the landscaping which now boasts 98% native plants.
  • Improving Health & Wellness–From providing small-batch, scratch-made meals are made daily and monitored by trained nutritionists, abundant opportunities before and after school for outdoor physical activity, providing natural light and CO2 sensors in buildings to create spaces that support student and staff wellness, MICDS supports students’ physical and mental well-being throughout each school day.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Education–Students at every level of this JK-12 school are exposed to sustainability as a primary value–from honeysuckle abatement to protect the school’s varied habitats to pursuing UN Sustainable Development Goals as part of foreign language instruction to plant-based research projects fusing computer science and biology.

Sunrise School--Leveraging Partnerships to Generate Momentum

Sunrise School 

  • Reducing Environmental Impacts–Sunrise works hard to reduce waste at the school and develops creative partnerships to do so, from engaging parents in plastic trash reduction to partnering with local farmers to keep food waste out of the landfill.
  • Improving Health & Wellness–The school engages local farmers, University Extension, and the Jefferson County Health Department to provide ongoing health and nutrition education for multiple grade levels and hosts an annual community health fair to connect students, parents, and community members with healthy lifestyle resources and provide free health screenings.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Education–Annual professional development for teachers is provided to continually expand the use of their 22-acre outdoor classroom as a teaching tool. Again, they engage a variety of partners, from a local beekeepers association to the Missouri Department of Conservation, to help provide relevant and effective environmental education for students.

Apply to Become a 2021 Green Ribbon School Honoree

Contact mgs@meea.org to find out more about how you can apply. Click here for more information and access to the application.

MGS Case Studies

Bench Marking and Goal Setting – Parkway School District

Creative Collaboration – Sunrise School