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We can’t do all that we do without the help of you! If you are passionate about  environmental education and concerned for the future of our state’s natural spaces, please join us. Memberships and donations provide us with power to make a difference in Missouri.


Connect with others who also value high quality EE in our state! MEEA is for both people who do EE and people who care about EE. Free membership gives you the monthly newsletter, voting privileges, and eligibility for awards and serving on the board. Pro membership ($25) provides eligibility for EE grants and certification.


Your generosity can determine the future of EE in Missouri. A donation to MEEA helps us provide innovative lessons, educator grants, EE training and certification, and importantly, opportunities for all of us to network with and learn from each other.


Spread the word and show off your support of our work with a MEEA mug or a t-shirt. All profits from purchases in our shop go directly to our efforts to support EE in our state.

Why give to MEEA: What others have to say

{I choose to give to MEEA because I really believe in environmental education. MEEA is one way to reach out to teachers and offer encouragement and resources that are needed for teachers to easily incorporate both environmental education and teaching outdoors with what they are required to teach. And if we want a population in the future that cares for the environment, we need to connect youth with nature now, and educate them about how natural systems work and how to be supportive of them.
Lea Langdon
Educator, Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture
{I choose to give to MEEA because they are working on ways to help inspire our young people to both understand and connect with nature. We are part of nature and if our future leaders and citizens understand this on a personal level, they are more likely to cherish and protect our natural resources.
Ronna Haxbey
Regional Projects Director, Ozarks Water Watch
{I choose to give to MEEA because without a healthy environment and a sustainable way of life, we will never reach our highest potential. I believe that MEEA is an important resource for educating ourselves on the best way to achieve that healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Alex Dzurick
Graduate Student, University of Illinois
{I choose to donate to MEEA because MEEA is a very important organization for me. Through MEEA I've become a certified Environmental Educator, which is a great asset in my EE pursuits.
Mary McCarthy
Special Education Para-Professional, Springfield Schools
{Nature is vital to our health and well-being. I give to MEEA because it is the voice that keeps that message resonating throughout Missouri.
Mary Patterson
Special Education Para-Professional, St. Louis Department of Health
{I choose to give to MEEA because I want to be up-to-date on environmental issues concerning Missouri’s natural resources. I also choose to give to MEEA because it provides great networking opportunities with others interested in the environment.
Karen Armstrong
Education Consultant, Missouri Department of Conservation
{I choose to give to MEEA because it is important to me that environmental education issues be discussed amongst a broad spectrum of professionals, from the private and public sectors, to inform and inspire exceptional environmental educational content throughout our society.
Carol Davit
Executive Director, Missouri Prairie Foundation/Grow Native
{I chose to support MEEA because I have a passion for teaching kids about nature, the outdoors, and how they can responsibly impact preserving and sustaining this planet. I believe MEEA supports teachers by providing links to workshops, conferences, grants, professional resources, and networking. I also love the wonderful monthly coloring sheets that are a part of the newsletter.
Melanie Sandfort
Volunteer Naturalist, Parkway Outdoor School
{MEEA is a phenomenal resource for educators, providing a fantastic foundation for present needs and a powerful thrust to prepare for future demands. However, MEEA’s best quality is the community of educators—both formal and informal—who circulate ideas and methods in a fabulous network. I always receive a strong dose of inspiration when I participate in a MEEA event.
Jeff Barrow
Executive Director, MIssouri River Relief
Missouri Lake