Join MEEA: Memberships

MEEA helps educators teach people to care about, understand, and act for the resources on which human life, economies and societies depend. By joining MEEA you are connecting with others in Missouri who practice or care about environmental education. Your membership strengthens environmental education in Missouri and ensures you have the resources to carry out high quality environmental education.

More about MEEA

MEEA is a professional membership organization for people who do environmental education and people who care about environmental education. Members include pre-school and classroom teachers, school districts, agency professionals, staff from non-profits that do environmental work and businesses with environmental products and services. MEEA has members in every region of the state!

MEEA publishes a monthly newsletter with seasonally appropriate environmental themes, grant deadlines, professional development opportunities, events, education resources and lessons, EE news, and Green Schools highlights.

MEEA awards six $250 competitive grants to its Professional members every year. Projects range from bird cams in urban areas to life vests for river programs to seeds and tools for school garden programs.

MEEA organizes an Annual Conference for all educators to present and learn about innovative environmental education lessons, programs and techniques. The conference rotates around the state from St. Louis, to Springfield to Kansas City to Columbia.

MEEA developed and makes available a set of Environmental Literacy Assessments for educators to use to plan lessons, assess learning or just for fun. There are 1200+ questions over ten topics at four grade bands. The questions can be downloaded as spreadsheets for studying, documents for creating your own quiz, accessed as online quizzes or printed out as Earth Quest, a game of environmental knowledge for all ages.

Why give to MEEA: What others have to say

{I support MEEA through my membership as an alignment with my core belief in environmental education and its vital role in the physical, and emotional, well-being of all.
Jill Hollowell Advocate
{I'm a classroom teacher; it's important to me to educate our future citizens to care for their environment.
Cindy McManis
{I am a MEEA member because I value being able to connect with other environmental educators on a community level.
Paige Witek Non-formal educator with non-profit
{MEEA is the voice of Missouri's Environmental and Conservation educators, welcoming both formal and non-formal participants. Environmental education is critical to the sustainability of our state's magnificent natural resources. Those of us who have worked so hard to preserve and protect these resources must also work hard to instill in the generations that follow us the same sense of commitment combined with the knowledge to guide their efforts for the best possible outcomes.
Barbara J. Lucks MEEA founding member
{I have been a MEEA Member since MEEA started, and I truly believe there needs to be an organization that is seriously devoted to environmental education - and MEEA is it! It seems like every year there are more and more environmental issues that need to be addressed, and MEEA can help teachers understand all of these issues.
Elizabeth Petersen Institute for School Partnerships at Washington University, Chair of the Education Committee at Audubon Center at Riverlands, and long time member of MEEA.
{MEEA is a needed, valuable, resource for Missouri's formal educators, interpreters and naturalists to seek extensions for their lessons and projects. Plus, we value the net-working so we are reassured we belong to a team and are not an "army of one" trying to benefit the community and ecology.
Jeff Cantrell Missouri Prairie Foundation/GROW NATIVE
{MEEA is, and has been, a solid resource for the networking of youth leaders, civic/community groups, homeschooling networks, and educators. The newsletter features current issues, and is often complimented by an activity for youths or citizen scientists. The funding opportunities and continuing education workshop listings are valuable for those active and on the front lines of Environmental Education.
Jeff Cantrell Technical advisor for MO Prairie Foundation and Board member of Missouri Birding Society
Missouri Lake