What is EE?

Explore the definition of environmental education and see some concrete examples of the various types of exciting EE projects and programs from around the world from one of our favorite online resources.  

Waste Reduction Learning for Kids

Many factors contribute to food waste in schools and homes. Learn more about the issue from Laurie Duncan and discover ways to teach our kids to recognize and reduce waste in their communities–includes classroom activity idea. 

COVID-19: Resources, Tips, and Support

The NAAEE site includes a list of resources designed to keep learners of all ages interested and engaged during the crisis, from hands-on activities and lesson plans to websites, virtual tours, and more. Organized so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

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Professional Development

Learn More About Our Environmental Educator Certification Program, Conferences, and Workshops.

Missouri Green Schools

Learn about support and recognition for schools to improve health, lower environmental impact, and provide sustainability education.

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