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MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

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Can you help MEEA change Missouri's future by serving on the board?

MEEA is a community of educators working to inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

MEEA accomplishes its work with a volunteer board, leadership teams and a part-time paid Executive Director. You can review board positions and responsibilities below

If you can help MEEA by serving on the board, download a board application form, fill it in and send it with a recent photograph to Jan Weaver at

Nomination Deadline: February 28, 2018.


MEEA Board Positions for 2018

Terms run March 1 to February 28/29 each year.
In 2018, we are seeking 3 At-Large Board Members, a Treasurer, a Secretary/President Elect and a President.
All members (Professional and Free Basic) are eligible for any position.

We seek diverse representation from every gender, race, ethnic group, economic status and geographic region of the state.

Board Member | Treasurer | Secretary/President Elect | President


At-Large Board Members (2 year term)

The At-Large Board Members join monthly conference calls, and attend the retreat and the conference (schedule permitting). They also serve on one of the three leadership teams - People, Purpose, or Resources.


Treasurer (2 year term)

The Treasurer shall keep the records of the books of account of the Corporation and shall be responsible for receiving and disbursing funds of the Corporation as directed by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall keep accurate accounts of all financial transactions, shall make reports at each Executive Board meeting and shall make all financial records available for audit as directed by the Board. The Treasurer shall submit to the Board an annual summary of financial transactions at the end of each fiscal year. The Treasurer will oversee the financial responsibilities of the organization.

(Currently, staff keeps records of the transactions, statement of accounts, and income/expense and sends copies of all records to the treasurer for review. )


Secretary/President Elect (1 year term, then 1 year as President)

At the request of the President, or in the event of his/her absence or disability, the President-elect/Secretary shall perform the duties and possess and exercise the powers of the President and shall have such other powers and duties as the Executive Board may determine. 

The President-elect/Secretary is charged with communicating with team leaders and the executive manager one month before each meeting to check on progress.  He/she will then create a report for the President.  

The President-elect/Secretary serves as chief liaison with the North American Association for Environmental Education. (In this position, the President-elect/Secretary attends the NAAEE conference as MEEA's representative, schedule permitting)

As Secretary, the President-Elect/Secretary shall keep complete minutes of all meetings of the Board and Membership. In addition, she/he shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to the office of Secretary and all duties that may be delegated to him/her by the Board. The Secretary shall on behalf of the Corporation countersign all instruments executed by the President on behalf of the Corporation as directed by the Executive Board.


President (1 year term)*

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board.  These duties include setting agendas and ensuring teamwork is done. She/He shall have and exercise general charge and supervision of the affairs of the corporation including staff.

* Normally this position would be filled by the previous year's secretary/president elect. Unfortunately this person had to resign from the board.

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Board Responsibilities

Monthly Board Conference Call Meetings - These are held at a time convenient to all board members, determined after the new board is installed. These typically require an hour of advance preparation reviewing minutes, preparing and reading Leadership Team reports, and staff and financial reports. Meetings typically last one hour. Total time per year: 24 hours distributed uniformly over the year.

Annual Retreat - This is a face to face meeting held in central Missouri in the summer at a time convenient to all board members, determined after the new board is installed. This may take 2 to 5 hours of advance preparation and then 4 to 5 hours for the meeting, not counting travel time. The board identifies one or more new initiatives to work on and makes any required changes to the bylaws. NOTE - The Strategic Plan is due for review! Total time per year: 10 to 16 hours including travel.

Conference - Board members are strongly encouraged to attend and help with the conference. One night's lodging is provided by MEEA. There is a short annual membership meeting at the end of the conference. Total time per year: 12 to 30 hours depending on distance to the conference.

Leadership Teams -