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Instruction is more effective when students investigate compelling natural phenomena (in science) or work on meaningful design problems (in engineering). Characteristics of good phenomena for instruction are:

  1. Connected to Experience - they are relatively familiar to students' everyday experiences (keep diversity and accessibilty in mind)
  2. Observable - they are observable directly, or with the aid of demonstrations, images, video, scienctific procedures, tools or devices
  3. Relatively Complex - they are too complex for students to explain or design a solution for in one lesson, but not so complex that students can't gain meaningful understanding
  4. Multidimensional - they require students to develop understanding of and apply multiple NGSS standards while engaging in reading, writing, communication, and mathematics, and if possible, social studies (see 6 below)
  5. Information Rich - there is a ready supply of relevant data, images and text students can use to develop their understanding
  6. Meaningful - there is an audience or stakeholder community that cares about the findings or the products (see Socio-scientific Issues)



Socio-scientific Issues

SSI are complex, contested social questions with a scientific component. They provide an authentic opportunity to dig into science concepts. All environmental issues are SSI.


List of Engaging Phenomena