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Header Picture Captions: Left to Right: Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial S.P. Nature Detectives, Summer 2010; Academie Lafayette, Kansas City, Stream Class; Sustain Mizzou Green Team recycling at an MU home football game, Columbia. If you have pictures of your students learning aout or working in the environment (with permissions) send them to weaverjc@missouri.edu and we will post them.

Missouri Environmental Education News January 2015

Carolina Parakeet by Chyenne Hendershott, 15

AJ and Cheyenne Hendershott Show at MDC Cape Girardeau. This past December AJ Hendershott and his daughter Cheyenne, 15, held a showing of their work depicting extinct birds of Missouri. The drawing above is of a Caroline Parakeet by Cheyenne.

There are several state, national and international art contests througout the year. See a list of contests and deadlines below. Vist MEEA's grants and awards page for details. Search by deadline

Grants, Awards and Contests (due date in parentheses)

  • Grants and Awards for schools, teachers and students: American Chemical Society PD Grant for Teachers (1/14); Exploravision (1/30); Toshiba America Foundation (2/1): Lowe's Toolbox for Education (2/13);Young Eco-Hero Award (2/28); Endangered Species Art Contest (3/1); Mo DNR NO MO Trash Award (3/13); Shaw Institute for Field Studies (3/27); Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Project (3/31)

  • Other Grants and Awards: EPA Environmental Education Model Grants (2/4); World of 7 Billion Video Contest (2/19); Go Bnanas Cell Phone Challenge (3/1); Mantis Tiller Award (3/6); EPA Environmental Education Local Grants (3/6); Land and Water Conservation Fund (3/31)

EE Resources

  • Resources related to this month's quizzes (see below) on human health - diet guidelines, exercise and activity guidelines, endocrine disruptors, antibiotics, healthy schools, air quality and heavy metals. Also - Insect and Arthropods Lessons from the Entomological Foundation, New Species discovered this past year, an article on the Maker Movement and a Missouri Quail and Habitat Management Calendar

Professional Development Workshops

  • Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Level 2 Workshops around the state, Discover Nature Schools workshops in Springfield, Native Landscaping in St. Louis, MO PLT Facilitators Reunion at Windermere, Interface at Tan-Tar-A

Calendars of Outdoor, Nature, Environment and Sustainability Organizations

EE Jobs

  • Sustainability Program Coordinator in Springfield Area, St. Louis County Environmental Representative/Lead Risk Assessor, American Wind Energy Association in Midwest Region, St. Louis Zoo Eductation Theatrical Interpreter
News (from December 2014)


MEEA Environmental Literacy Quizzes

Human Health

Take one or more of these on-line environmental literacy quizzes and help us improve them! All four quizzes consist of questions randomly selected from a 30+ question bank for each grade level. For early elementary there are 5 questions per quiz, for the older grades there are 10 questions per quiz.

Help us answer these questions:

  1. Assuming the students have covered these topics in school, is the vocabulary, sentence complexity and topic appropriate for each grade? Keep in mind, kids can master long words and simple concepts if they are taught to them.
  2. Are there any errors in the questions or the answers, either factual or grammatical?

To take a quiz, click on its link. You will be sent to a sign- in page which will ask for your name. Then just start the quiz. At the end you will get your score and see the correct answers. Quizzes can be repeated, but questions and answers are shuffled with each quiz.

Please share any thoughts, comments, or corrections you have with me at weaverjc@missouri.edu.

Link to On-line Quiz Quiz Description

Early Elementary

K-2 Health image

These quiz questions cover food choices, vegetables, serving sizes, exercise (including pulse rate), symptoms of asthma, flu, a cold, and sunburn, precautions like hand washing, poisoning, parts of the body, and careers of the people that help keep kids healthy. There are several questions that use addition and subtraction and counting by threes. The quiz itself will be five randomly selected questions from a test bank of over 40 questions.

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

ABC song, achy, air, basement, bathroom, black beans, bones, brain, breath, broccoli, carrots, chest, children, cooking, corn, coughing, cup (as in measuring cup), doctor, eating, elbow, exercise, fever, friends, fruit, green peas, gym equipment, heart, heart beats, hopscotch, jawbone, jumping rope, kale, knee, leafy, lungs, medicine cabinet, minutes, muscles, nurse, nutritionist, orange, outside, physical education, pinto beans, playing, poison, pulse rate, raking, reading, red, red peppers, refrigerator, romain lettuce, running, runny noes, servings, shed, shortness of breath, sitting, sleeping, smarter, smoky air, soap, sound, spinach, split peas, sports, standing, starchy, stomach, sunburn, sunscreen, sweeping, sweet potatoes, swimming, teaspoons, temperature tired, tomatoes, vegetable, video games, water, wheezing,whistle, white potatoes, winter squash

Upper Elementary

3-5 health image

These quiz questions cover food choices, serving sizes and calories, exercise, different levels of physical activity, asthma, air pollution, the Air Quality Index, ultra violet radiation and careers of the people that help keep kids healthy. There are several math questions that use fractions, and very easy multiplication and division. The quiz itself will be ten randomly selected questions from a test bank of over 30 questions.

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

air, Air Quality Index, asthma, calorie, coughing, doctor, dust, dusting, exercise, hoeing, hours, jogging, medium, minutes, nurse, nutritionist, physical activity, physical education, pollen, polluted, quality, raking, sensitive (as in sensitive populations), sunburn, sunscreen, sweeping, thirsty, ultraviolet radiation, vitamin D, wheezing, whistle

Middle School

6-8 Health image

These quiz questions cover different categories of diseases – infectious, lifestyle, emerging, occupational, cancer; poisoning, antibiotic resistance, Body Mass Index, doubling times for diseases, disease vectors, federal agencies that deal with disease, and careers in public health. There are several math questions that use multiplication and division, but they should be manageable without calculators. The quiz itself will be ten randomly selected questions from a test bank of over 30 questions.

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

altitude, antibiotic resistance, asbestosis, bacteria, Body Mass Indicator (BMI), cancer, Centers for Disease Control, centimeter, chicken pox, climate change, Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), dam, DDT, deforestation, development (as in growth and development), Ebola, emerging infectious disease, English (as in English units of measurement), Environmental Protection Agency, epidemic, Food and Drug Administration, genes, genetic disease, heavy metals, infectious diseases, irrigation, kilogram latitude, levee, Liberia, malarial mosquitoes, mental retardation, mercury, microbiologist, obesity, outbreaks (of diseases), pandemic, pesticide resistance, public health, Sierra Leone, toxic, U.S. Department of Agriculture, vectors, virologist, viruses, zoologist, zoonotic

High School

9-12 Health image

These quiz questions cover toxins in the environment – mercury, lead, endocrine disruptors, autism, risk assessment, system level effects, governance, and careers. There are several math questions that use multiplication and division to calculate odds ratios and effects of lead exposure but they should be manageable without calulators. The quiz itself will be ten randomly selected questions from a test bank of over 35 questions.

Vocabulary (some of this vocabulary is part of the wrong answers, but is helpful to know for that reason)

ammonia, asthma, Atrazine, autism, bioaccumulation, biomagnification, bisphenol A, boomerang paradigm, bronchii, cadmium, Centers for Disease Control, Chlordane, consensus, DDT, deciliter, dilute, dose response, edema, endocrine disruptor, environmental toxicologist, enzymes, EPA, epidemiologist, Food and Agriculture Organization, General Cognitive Index or GCI, hazardous materials, heavy metal, hemoglobin, hormones, LD50, lead (as in the element), mercury, neurological development, nitrate, nucleic acids, odds ratio, pesticides, phthalates, Pica, pollution, population. precautionary principle, prenatal, reference dose or RfD, sodium hydroxide, stressor (as in something in the environment that is stressful), substantial equivalence principle, synergistic, threshold-dose, USDA, womb, World Health Organization








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