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Missouri Green Schools helps schools set, achieve, and recognize environmental sustainability, health and learning goals. It is a joint project of:

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McKelvey Elementary
Parkway Schools - Maryland Heights

One of McKelvey's outstanding achievements is the reduction in energy use over the last four years. Using Energy Star Portfolio Manager, the school's energy use went from 5,291 kBtus per student in 2012 to 4,253 kBtus per student in 2016. This 20% drop in energy use, along with other strategies resulted in a 22% drop in green house gas emissions. Students and staff initiated several practices in the cafeteria to promote healthy eating and reduce waste: food choices color-coded for healthy eating, bins with free healthy fruits for everyone, "Waste Free Wednesdays, and a video on sorting cafeteria waste. School learning centers around the idea of being a global citizen, and student projects like Shoeman Water Project connect social well-being to the environment. Read more about McKelvey's accomplishment in their nomination form.