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Missouri Green Schools helps schools set, achieve, and recognize environmental sustainability, health and learning goals. It is a joint project of:

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Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School
MRH Schools - Maplewood

Maplewood Richmond Heights Collage

Maplewood Richmond Heights' signature approach is its metaphor of "School as Expedition", which takes kids out of the classroom 15% of the school year. Starting on school grounds, students study ecological science in the pollinator garden and explore physics through climbing trees. A trip to the Smokies led to this award winning video about salamanders. Studies of their watershed starts with local wetlands and culminates in a trip to the Gulf Coast. Their land-locked urban campus collects rainwater for the garden and the chickens, maintains bees, and composts cafeteria waste. This year they received a grant from the MO Department of Health and Senior Services which they used to complete the CDC School Health Index. The results are being used to set specific health goals for the next year. Read more about MRH's accomplishments in their nomination form.