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MELAB Meeting Thursday December 12, 2019

The Unity Center, Columbia, MO

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Meeting Schedule

  • As your arrive: sign-in on Big Map of Missouri (10-10:10)--stickers and sign name in white space
  • Intros & Welcome Activity: Get to Know Others in the Room (Three Corners) (10:10-10:30)
  • Welcome, Housekeeping; defining the regions we use (MDC, MEEA, and MGS partnership network); acknowledge that we are bringing together people who share a passion for children and nature but who may not often interact (rural/urban;black/white;env ed/ed equity); 1 goal for the day--relationship building outside of our silos
  • Around the room introductions - standing in circle name/org
  • MELAB History and Goals for today(10:30-10:45)
  • Group Agreements - 30 minutes (10:45-11:15) (Jill and Leah)
  • Discussion Activity: Our Role in EE - NAAEE & Rainbow (11:15-11:35) (Lesli & Hope)
  • Break (11:35-11:50)--break & grab lunch During lunch: Missouri Green Schools Primer (11:50-12:30, which includes 30 min presentation) (Hope and Lesli)
  • Asset Mapping of Pillars (12:30-1:30) (Kat) What resources do schools need to support this pillar? Brain dump list on chart paper Individuals write different resources, orgs, things that can help support regional hubs/pillars (Organizations, policies, places, people, funders, p.d., lessons, evaluation)
  • Gallery Walk: Add-on to each pillars list. (Each group walk together and add to the new pillar’s chart paper until they get back to their original pillar, and share out to the whole group)
  • Break (1:30-1:45)--Set up tables for people to return to based on region
  • Breakout: Regional and Statewide Partner Hubs (1:45-2:45) (Lesli) What resources do we want partners provide? What pillars do these resources support? What do partners need to make it worthwhile to participate in the network Who is missing? Why (i.e. are they doing green schools work under another label? Geographic isolated or historical exclusion? Make sure you record names of everyone in group and select who will be the regional liaison
  • Group Share Out
  • Next steps and Closing Reflection - Circle, one-word reflection (2:45-3:00) (Lesli)
  • Attendees

    Racheal Ajayi
    Rana Bains
    Jeff Birchler
    Kat Boyer
    Cheyenne Bure
    Hannah Carter
    Leah Clyburn
    Jody Cook
    Kate Delehunt
    JoAnn Dennings
    Laurie Duncan
    Amber Edwards
    Kim Frier
    Kat Golden
    Jennifer Grabner
    Hope Gribble
    Shawn Gruber
    Clarissa Hatley
    Sarah Havens
    Hannah Hemmelgarn
    Eric Hempel
    Jill Hollowell
    Jamie Kisela
    Ben Kreitner
    Jennifer Lamons
    Lea Langdon
    Erik Lueders
    Lesli Moylan
    Kelsey Navin
    Kelly Owens
    Don Price
    Lauren Pyatt
    Lindsay Rudolph
    Lelande Rehard
    Bill Ruppert
    Dan Schneiderjohn
    Kristen Schulte
    Laura Seger
    Laura Semken
    Sarah Sims
    Maitreyi Siruguri
    Geoffrey Stillwell
    Lori Stringer
    Laura Wacker
    Jan Weaver
    Sarah Wood
    Michelle Woolbright
    Ryan Young
    Colton Zirkle

    Notes from this meeting