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MELAB Meeting Thursday December 13, 2018

Runge Conservation Nature Center, 330 Commerce Drive, Jefferson City

December 2018 MELAB Attendees

Attendees - Back: Lesli Moylan, Kevin Lohraff, Felicia Ammann, Kerry Stevison, Brandon Powell, Melvin Johnson, Kat Golden, Deah Powell, Bailey Lutz; Front: Carol Davit, Bear, Susan Flowers, Jan Weaver, Hope Gribble; Not Pictured: JoAnn Dennings, Amber Edwards, Kristen Schulte, Steven Juhlin

Map it: Runge Nature Center

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Meeting Schedule

Attendees - Org

  1. Jan Weaver - Missouri Environmental Education Association
  2. Carol Davit - Missouri Prairie Foundation
  3. Felicia Ammann - Missouri Prairie Foundation
  4. Kerry Stevison - St. Louis Science Center
  5. Kristen Schulte - Missouri River Relief
  6. Amber Edwards - MU School of Natural Resources
  7. Hope Gribble - USGBC
  8. Melvin Johnson - Missouri Master Naturalist
  9. Deah Powell - Missouri Department of Conservation Jr. Leader
  10. Bailey Lutz - St. Louis County
  11. Kat Golden - Missouri Botanical Garden
  12. Lesli Moylan
  13. Kevin Lohraff - Missouri Department of Conservation
  14. Susan Flowers - Washington University
  15. JoAnn Dennings - Missouri Recycling Association
  16. Steven Juhlin - Missouri Department of Conservation

Can't make it (but still interested)

  1. Christine Li - MU School of Natural Resources
  2. Laurie Duncan - City of Springfield
  3. Theresa Davidson - Forest Service
  4. Steve Juhlin - Missouri Department of Conservation
  5. Erica Cox - Project WET, Project Learning Tree
  6. Srinivasan Raghavan - University of Missouri

Notes from the previous meeting

Notes from this meeting

Missouri Green Schools - Moylan, Gribble, Lutz, Golden

The MGS work group reviewed work from the previous meeting, including naming the three MGS levesl 1-Emering, 2- Progressing and 3 - Avanced. They also re-worked Pillar II: Health, so that it clearly aligned with the Whole School, Whole Community and Whole Child Model (WSCC) developed by the CDC and used by DESE. This way schools using WSCC will find it easier to fill out the MGS forms. Last, but not least, they agreed on a design for the logo -

Missouri Green Schools logo - draft

Leadership & Career Pathways - Flowers, Edwards, Stevison, Johnson, B. Powell, D. Powell

This work group had two projects. The first was final steps in sending out a survey to organizations about their opportunties for youth employment. The survey will go out right after the holidays.

The second was exploring the idea of a youth summit. Initial steps - find eco-leaders or other youth groups that already exist and use virtual meetings to plan the event. It could include booth set-ups/displays, formal presentations, shorter 15-20 presentations for each youth group. One outcome could be a jr. environmental advisory board across MO. Who to involve - any youth goup that has environmental interests, ask other students, bring in the Conservation Leadership Corps.

Stewardship - Davit, Lohraff, Dennings

This work group looked at a new proposal "Stewards of Missouri", a social media sharing portal of stories by Missourians about specific actions they take - after an element of change - to care for their part of the earth. Story examples: picking up trash whiled jobbing, buying bar shampoo instead of liquid bottled shampoo, choosing milkweed instead of petunia in a small bed.

The roll out - Request that each MELAB members write a brief story in first person about a specific stewardship action a person takes and the element of change/barrier that has been overcome that led to this new habit.

Next Meeting - May 9, 2019, Location TBD