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MELAB Meeting Thursday May 10, 2018

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Location: Lewis & Clark State Office Building, Gasconade Camp Meeting Room

Lewis and Clark Office Building

Map it: Lewis and Clark State Office Building (DNR)

1101 Riverside Drive

Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Meeting Objectives

  1. Increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of what others are doing in Missouri
  2. Increase the number of acquaintances or contacts each person has
  3. Work on common goals and objectives identified at previous meetings: Missouri Green Schools progam, Career Pathways for Youth, Stewardship

Meeting Schedule

Attendees - Org

  1. Jan Weaver - Missouri Environmental Education Association
  2. Brandi Cartwright - Raintree School
  3. Carol Davit (tentative)- Missouri Prairie Foundation
  4. JoAnn Dennings - MO Recycling Assocciation
  5. Rob Didriksen - Missouri Recycling Program
  6. Laurie Duncan - Sprinfield Environmental Office
  7. Katherine Golden - Earthways
  8. Hope Gribble - USGBC, Missouri Gateway Chapter
  9. Makia Hoorman - University of Missouri
  10. Jill Hollowell - Meramec Regional Planning Commission
  11. Rob Hunt - Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  12. Melvin Johnson - Missouri Master Naturalists, Springfield Plateau Grotto
  13. Kevin Lohraff - Missouri Department of Conservation
  14. Bailey Lutz - St. Louis County Department of Health
  15. Matt Riggs - Mid America Regional Council
  16. Jennifer Sampsell - Conservation Federation of Missouri
  17. Deah Powell Seiferd - MDC Jr. Leader, Missouri Master Naturalist - Springfield
  18. Kerry Stevison - St. Louis Science Center


Notes from work groups

Download a copy of the notes from this meeting

Green Schools -

1. Katherine Golden –
2. Matt Riggs –
3. Brandi Cartwright –
4. Hope Gribble – hope.gribble@mobot.corg
5. Bailey Lutz –


  1. LOGO - Kat and EWC Intern will produce 4 preliminary logo designs by June 15, the committee will send feedback to Kat by June 22, Kat and Intern will review and edit and send final design proposals to committee by July 1
  2. Finalizing Questions for 3 Tiers – Brandi and Mike Dittrich will work on Curriculum, Matt and Jensen will work on Building, Proposed draft questions to the committee by July 31, in Aug-Oct committee members submit and review tiers online, November conference call to review
  3. Finish Cross-Cutting Questions – All by Aug-Oct
  4. Commitment Letter and Draft Framework for Instructions – Kat, Hope and Bailey will have a draft due September
  5. MELAB Meeting in December – All will present program format feedback, start discussion of website  and promotional outreach
  6. Outrach Plan - ??? – plan for website and logistics, establish final review and evaluation plan
2019-2020 SY Full Program Roll Out


Leadership Development and Career Exploration -

  1. Kerry Stevison –
  2. Deah Seiford –
  3. Melvin Johnson –
  4. Jen Sampsell –
  5. Carol Davit –


  1. survey is finalized – Jen will get ok from Susan, Amber, Kristina
  2. send out survey to MELAB list – Susan
  3. upload database to website – next meeting
  4. who to send database to when it is loaded – next meeting
  5. evaluate glitches, responses – next meeting
  6. announce in this meeting for members to do survey – Kerry
  7. see if Susan can track hits on the database – next meeting
  8. post links on websites of other groups – Melvin
  9. send out a yearly email asking if each group is still active – Jan ? (her 10 hours) and update database on website 2x per year.

Stewardship -

  1. Jenny Grabner –
  2. Kevin Lohraff –
  3. Jill Hollowell –
  4. Laurie Duncan –
  5. Jo Ann Dennings -
  6. Makia Hoormann –

Reach Out  to Districts; schools with recycling programs in rural areas

  1. Jill will obtain a list of schools from SWMD – who recycles? Rural areas only. By September
  2. Kevin will reach out to MDC Education Consultants about recycling efforts in rural schools and will share the Stewardship Model he has
  3. Jenny will contact DESE and MU Extension Farm to School staff about rural schools effective ways to recognize schools– June
  4. Lori will check with the Missouri Municipal League about recycling efforts in rural areas and helping to get the word out  via social media
  5. Joanne – marketing of schools selected (for recognition) through FB, newspapers, Boone County Journals (?), id SWAG, press ploada (?) Bruce Wallacs  573-289-2665, (?), email blast

Target Audiences
- waste management districts
- city leaders, mayors
- county commissioners
- rural school district administrators and school boards