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MELAB Meeting Thursday December 14, 2017

Runge Conservation Nature Center, Forest & Great Oak Room, 330 Commerce Drive, Jefferson City

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Attendees at December 14, 2017 MELAB Meeting


Back Row - Brandon Powell, Springfield Master Naturalists Jr Leader; Matt Riggs, Mid-America Regional Council; D. Jensen Adams, Kansas City Public Schools, John Kitchens, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Science; Jennifer Grabner, Missouri Healthy Food AmeriCorps; Laurie Duncan, Springfield Environmental Services; Kat Golden, Missouri Botanical Garden, Carrie Hammond, Missouri State Parks

Middle Row - Kevin Lohraff, Missouri Department of Conservation; Michael Dittrich, Maplewood Richmond Heights MS; Melvin Johnson, Springfield Master Naturalists; Hope Gribble, Missouri Botanical Garden; Steve Juhlin, Missouri Department of Conservation; JoAnn Dennings, Missouri Recycling Association; Linda Lacy, Missouri Environmental Education Association; Christine Li, University of Missouri School of Natural Resources; Kerry Stevison, St. Louis Science Center

Front Row - Whitney Strubhar, Maplewood Richmond Heights MS; Akriti Khadka, University of Missouri School of Natural Resources; Brandi Cartwright, Raintree School; Susan Flowers, Washington University Tyson Research Center SIFT and TERF; Amber Edwards, University of Missouri School of Natural Resources; Jen Sampsell, Conservation Federation of Missouri

Not Pictured - Makia Hoorman - University of Missouri School of Natural Resources; Jan Weaver - Missouri Environmental Education Association

Meeting Minutes