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MELAB Meeting Thursday May 11, 2017

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Location: Lewis & Clark State Office Building, Nightingale Creek Room

Lewis and Clark Office Building

Map it: Lewis and Clark State Office Building (DNR)


Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Meeting Objectives

  1. Increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of what others are doing in Missouri
  2. Increase the number of acquaintances or contacts each person has
  3. Work on common goals and objectives identified at previous meetings: Missouri Green Schools progam, Career Pathways for Youth, Stewardship

Meeting Schedule

Attendees - Org - Org Goals/Misson

  1. Jensen Adams - Kansas City Schools - National Task Force on energy & Sustainability for Council of Grade Schools, mostly urban/ repurposing closed urban schools
  2. Katie Belisle-Iffrig - Code Green
  3. Brandi Cartwright - Rain Tree School - Forest School Conference, mobile app to connect folks with wild spaces, a documentary, green kitchens
  4. Carol Davit - Missouri Prairie Foundation/Grow Native/Invasive Species Task Force - Biologically rich habitat promotion through events, tours, hikes, bioblitzes
  5. JoAnn Dennings - Missouri Recycling Association - 75% reduction in waste to landfill, focus on rural areas and harder to recycle stuff
  6. Michael Dittrich - Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School - School as Expedition, learn by doing
  7. Susan Flowers - Tyson Research Institute - Engaging youth in research
  8. Katherine Golden - Missouri Botanical Garden - Sustainability across the board
  9. Hope Gribble - U.S. Green Building Council-MO Gateway Chapter - K12 schools
  10. Makia Hoorman - MU Parks, Recreation & Tourism
  11. Rob Hunt - Missouri Department of Natural Resources - Increase in quality educational tools, capacity to meet needs and partners
  12. John Kitchens - Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
  13. Christine Li - MU School of Natural Resources - Youth conservation education, training of teachers, seeking research partners
  14. Anne Marie Lodholz - St. Louis University HS - Sustainability across the board, food in particular
  15. Jennifer Sampsell - Conservation Federation of Missouri - Conservation Leadership Corps
  16. Jan Weaver - Missouri Environmental Education Association

Can't Make it

  1. Barbara Buffaloe - Columbia Sustainability Office
  2. Deborah Champagne
  3. Erica Cox - Missouri Project WET, Project Learning Tree
  4. Theresa Davidson - Mark Twain National Forest
  5. Laurie Duncan - Springfield Sustainability Office
  6. Amber Edwards - Prairie Fork
  7. Matt Riggs - MARC
  8. Kerry Stevison - St. Louis Science Center
  9. Jean Turney - Forest Park Forever
  10. Amanda Walker - Mark Twain National Forest

Notes from work groups (see previous meeting notes here)

Green Schools - Review set up of Green Schools Program on the website (coming) and develop a plan for engaging schools in the program

Present - Jensen Adams, Katie Belisle-Iffrig, Michael Dittrich, Katherine Golden, Hope Gribble, Rob Hunt, Anne Marie Lodholz, Jan Weaver

Jensen, Michael and Anne Marie had all submitted nominations for their schools, and Katie, Kat and Rob had reviewed proposals, so Hope asked folks to reflect on their experiences with the nominations from both sides. There was some discussion about the summary being put at the end so people wouldn't try to fill it out before they had done the rest of the proposal.

Then Jan asked them to split up in three groups, with each group taking one of the three pillars (sustainability, health and learning) and going through the components of each to see if there were ways to improve the form both from the perspective of schools applying and the folks reviewing.

Jan also asked for some suggestions about the actual process. Michael said his school used google docs so that people with the expertise could fill in their sections, but others could see what they were doing.

Jan will compile the suggested changes and make edits to the form, and explore making it available as a google doc for this coming year's application.



Leadership and Careers - Follow up on previous meeting's goals

Present: Carol Davit, Susan Flowers, Makia Hoorman, Christine Li, Jen Sampsell

3 Areas of Work/Discussion:

I. Job/career shadow opportunities with MELAB organizations We suggest that MELAB organizations offer shadowing opportunities to young people and that these be advertised on the MEEA website. This would simply be an email contact for each organization and then any requests would be handled internally between the org and the young person. This seems like an easy way for MELAB members to take action in support of environmental career exploration.
We came up with the following suggested minimum requirements for a shadowing opportunity:

It is important to make sure your organization is aware that you are offering shadowing opportunities so they know to contact you if they receive a request.
A next step is for a communication to go out to MELAB member organization representatives to find out who is willing to participate.

II. Survey to construct database of MO environmental career exploration programsWe identified a couple of text edits for the survey introduction. Susan will add the sentence “We anticipate making the database available through the MEEA website.” and add a parenthetical descriptor for the word youth “(children through young adults)”.
We will pilot test the survey within our work group over two weeks. Each of us will enter our program(s) and then Susan will export the data in a couple of different formats and send out to the group. Email discussion will focus on whether the pilot survey data will fit our plans for a database and how we will visually present the data on the MEEA website. It is important that there will be minimal maintenance of the database and that Jan can easily drop the visual presentation of the data into a webpage. 
We would like to move forward to a 6 month period of survey distribution to MEEA members, MELAB organizations, and MELAB organization distribution lists.
We need to reach out to Shannon to see if we still have the option of some sort of GIS interface/portal for the database and whether the exported data from the survey will be compatible.

III. Economic data in support of environmental careers in MOCarol did some data gathering but was not entirely satisfied with what she was able to find. We want to show economic gains for MO from environmental jobs and how environmental and conservation activities might be economic drivers. We need to look at Carol’s compiled data and decide how to put it into a case statement or fact sheet that could potentially be presented by MEEA to MO legislators. (MELAB should not take an advocacy position, but MEEA can.)

Stewardship - Follow up on previous meeting's goals