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MELAB Meeting Thursday December 8, 2016

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Location: Lewis & Clark State Office Building, Nightingale Creek Room

Lewis and Clark Office Building

Map it: Lewis and Clark State Office Building (DNR)


Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Meeting Objectives

  1. Increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of what others are doing in Missouri
  2. Increase the number of acquaintances or contacts each person has
  3. Work on common goals and objectives identified at previous meetings: Missouri Green Schools progam, Career Pathways for Youth, Stewardship

Meeting Schedule


  1. D. Jensen Adams - Kansas City Public Schools - Kansas City
  2. Melissa Bedford (GF) - Missouri Department of Conservation - Columbia
  3. Carol Davit - Missouri Prairie Foundation - statewide
  4. JoAnn Dennings - MO Recycling Association - statewide
  5. Amber Edwards - MU School of Natural Resources - Columbia
  6. Jennifer Grabner - Southern Boone Learning Garden - Ashland
  7. Katherine Golden - Missouri Botanical Gardens - St. Louis
  8. Hope Gribble - Missouri Botanical Gardens - St. Louis
  9. Eric Hempel - Columbia Water & Light - Columbia
  10. Rob Hunt - MO DNR Education - statewide
  11. Christine Li- MU School of Natural Resources - MU - Columbia
  12. Anne Marie Lodholz - St. Louis Unversity HS - St. Louis
  13. Matt Riggs - Mid America Regional Council - Kansas City
  14. Jennifer Sampsell - Conservation Federation of Missouri - Columbia
  15. Jan Weaver - Missouri Environmental Education Association - statewide
  16. Tom Zinselmeyer - St. Louis University HS - St. Louis


Notes from work groups

Green Schools - D. Jensen Adams, Melissa Bedford, Jennifer Grabner, Hope Gribble, Eric Hempel, Rob Hunt, Anne Marie Lodholz, Matt Riggs, Jan Weaver, Tom Zinselmeyer

Jan provided members of the group a sample Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) nomination form and a scoring form for each member to use to evaluate the nomination form. Scoring sections took 10 to 20 minutes, scoring the whole nomination took 30 to 60 minutes. Scores on sections were closest for Pillar 3 because there was a more detailed rubric for evaluation. The group recommended that a similar level of detail be provided for Pillars 1 and 2.

In general, the group thought the nomination form and scoring form were a good effort given the timeframe. Jan will seek more detailed feedback at the May meeting.

Melissa, Hope and Rob agreed to be reviewers for any nominations that came in. Most of the group members also agreed to see if they could find schools willing to fill out the nomination form. The consensus was that going through the form and scoring it made it seem much more doable.

There was informal discussion about categorizing private schools separately from public schools and whether there should be a minimum cutoff score before a school could be considered for nomination to the federal GRS program.


Leadership and Careers - Present: Amber Edwards – MU School of Natural Resources, Christine Li – MU School of Natural Resources, Carol Davit – Missouri Prairie Foundation, Jen Sampsel – Conservation Federation of Missouri

1st part of the workgroup meeting we reviewed the meeting notes from previous years. Thank you Amber for preparing the binder and the copies.
2nd part of the meeting we worked on the Goal and Logic Model (Jan Provided as a worksheet) for Career Pathways Group.
Goal: more students choose conservation or environment career and more job opportunities present 



We focused our discussion on the first three items.
Shorterm Action Items:

Longterm Action Items:

Lead: Christine and Jen

Stewardship - JoAnn Dennings, Katherine Golden