Missouri Environmental Literacy Advisory Board

A network of organizations, agencies and businesses working to advance environmental literacy in Missouri.


This work is supported by a grant from the U.S. EPA

Header Picture Captions: Left to Right: Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial S.P. Nature Detectives, Summer 2010; Academie Lafayette, Kansas City, Stream Class; Sustain Mizzou Green Team recycling at an MU home football game, Columbia. If you have pictures of your students learning aout or working in the environment (with permissions) send them to weaverjc@missouri.edu and we will post them.

MELAB Meeting Thursday May 7, 2015

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Location: Runge Nature Center, Jefferson City - the Forest Room

Runge Nature Center

Map it: Runge Nature Center

Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Meeting Objectives

  1. Increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of what others are doing in Missouri
  2. Increase the number of acquaintances or contacts each person has
  3. Work on common goals and objectives identified at previous meetings: environmental behavior survey, formative assessment questions, green schools website, career pipeline, inspiring stewardship through recycling

Meeting Schedule

Attendees (expected)

  1. Melissa Bedford - Education Outreach Coordinator
  2. Tina Casagrand - Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition
  3. Theresa Davidson - Mark Twain National Forest
  4. Jo Ann Dennings - MORA
  5. Alex Dzurick - Columbia Utilities
  6. Susan Flowers - Washington University Tyson Center
  7. Cassandra Galluppi - Washington University - Tyson Research Center
  8. Angie Gehlert - Missouri Recycling Association
  9. Ronna Haxby - Ozarks Water Watch
  10. Alicia LaVaute - University of Missouri
  11. Kevin Lohraff - Missouri Department of Conservation
  12. Mike Martin - Columbia Green Chamber of Commerce
  13. Lebo More - MU Peace Corps
  14. Kathleen Stevison - St. Louis Science Center
  15. Brenna Reed - Columbia Sustainability Office
  16. Regina Van Patten - Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  17. Jan Weaver - Missouri Environmental Education Association


Work Group Materials

Work Group updates and goals

Inspiring Stewardship – This continues to be a tough nut to crack due to the variety of ways folks can be good stewards, but raising the state's recycling rate might be the right way to go. It is a gateway "drug' for all the other stewardship behaviors. Other pluses – it is being measured, it is widely available, and MORA might be a good partner for helping with this.

Standards and Assessment – We finally gained IRB (human subjects research board) permission to distribute a link to an electonic survey to anyone over 18 using personal contacts, approaching folks at public events or in public places, and through social media. We have some preliminary data that indicates that the survey is reliable and valid - i.e. it whill give us a good idea of how "environmental" people are.

Environmental Leadership and Career Development – The 2015 Nature Playbook was put together and distributed.

Green Schools – There is a website - missourigreenschools.org - it needs to be populated. Jan met briefly with Shaun Bates in February to ask about Green Ribbon Schools and got a list of steps to take care of in trying for 2016 participation (which requires an August 2015 sign up by DESE). There is also a google docs site with info on past efforts to implement GRS https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6qEeayar9YZREctb1BHNFZLRzA&usp=sharing

Notes from the previous meeting May 2015