Missouri Environmental Literacy Advisory Board

A network of organizations, agencies and businesses working to advance environmental literacy in Missouri.


This work is supported by a grant from the U.S. EPA

Header Picture Captions: Left to Right: Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial S.P. Nature Detectives, Summer 2010; Academie Lafayette, Kansas City, Stream Class; Sustain Mizzou Green Team recycling at an MU home football game, Columbia. If you have pictures of your students learning aout or working in the environment (with permissions) send them to weaverjc@missouri.edu and we will post them.

MELAB Meeting Thursday December 4, 2014

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Location: MU General Services Building (next to Hearns on the MU campus)

Map it: MU General Services

Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Meeting Objectives

  1. Increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of what others are doing in Missouri
  2. Increase the number of acquaintances or contacts each person has
  3. Work on common goals and objectives identified at previous meetings: environmental behavior survey, formative assessment questions, green schools website, career pipeline, inspiring stewardship through recycling

Meeting Schedule

Attendees (expected)

  1. Katie Belisle-Iffrig
  2. Barbara Buffaloe -City of Columbia Sustainabilty Office
  3. Mike Burden - MU Sustainablity Office
  4. Tina Casagrand - Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition
  5. Erica Cox - Project WET, Learning Tree and Flying Wild
  6. Carol Davit - Missouri Prairie Foundation and Grow Native
  7. Alex Dzurick - City of Columbia Sustainability Office
  8. Scottie Farrow - Midwest Recycling
  9. Susan Flowers - Washington University
  10. Janice Greene - Missouri State University, GLADE
  11. Hope Gribble - Missouri Botanical Garden
  12. Cheryl Hardy - Columbia College
  13. Ronna Haxby - Ozarks Water Watch
  14. Alicia LaVaute - MU Sustainability Office
  15. Michael Nelson - St. Louis Sustainable Villages
  16. Alex Prentice - Missouri River Relief
  17. Tana Pulles - Springfield
  18. Brenna Reed - Columbia
  19. Kendra Swee - Missouri State Parks
  20. Regina Van Patten - Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  21. Jan Weaver - Missouri Environmental Education Association


Work Group Materials

Work Group updates and goals
Assessment – The original plan was to sample behaviors in high schools students, but the barriers (due to human subjects research requirements) are daunting. We have shifted focus to a college undergraduate survey and are piloting it on the Columbia College campus and seeking permission to administer it at MU in the future. Also, MEEA has sets of K-12 environmental knowledge questions at http://www.meea.org/quizzes.shtml. Take online quizzes on waste and water pollution. They can be used to help guide development of curriculum.

Inspiring Stewardship – Recycling as a gateway to other environmental behaviors, perhaps working with MORA's strive for 75 (% recycling). This ties into litter reduction, reducing harm to wildlife, and materials and energy conservation, which connects to global warming. It may not be the biggest problem we face, but it is the easiest for the largest number of people to understand

Environmental Leadership and Career Development – Last spring we compiled a list of activities, preK through college that young people could engage in for conservation, environmental or stewardship experiences. How can we take this list to the next level, and get it out in front of the public. How can we do a better job of helping providers of these experiences to connect the dots for young people?

Green Schools – By the meeting, we should have a website address to hang the green schools program on. However, there needs to be some discussion of the look and architecture of the site. Another issue – seeing if we can get DESE to sign up for Green Ribbon Schools this year.

Notes from the previous meeting March 2014