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Weather Math and Science

2018 Interface A Learning Activities (K-5)

Collecting Weather Data | Cloud Identification | Estimating Wind Speed | Forecasting the Weather | Koppen Global Climate Map | Missouri Climate Map | Teaching Climate Change K-5

These activities cover these Missouri Learning Standards



Collecting Weather Data

Weather Data Collection Form

This activity involves collecting weather data. What makes weather interesting is tracking the changes over time. The best use of the form might be to train the class and then have students take turns collecting and recording the data each week.

The form alternates shaded and open rows. You can record data in the shaded row and use the open row to record numbers for the forecast model (below).

The form is in document format, so you can remove or add categories as appropriate for your students.


After a few weeks or months, you will have a data set that students can practice their math skills on.




Cloud Identification

Use the chart to learn how to identify different types of clouds and the weather associated with them.


Estimating Wind Speed

Use the chart to learn how to estimate wind speed by its effect on leaves and trees.


Forecasting the Weather

Use the weather data collected and the forecasting model to make a forecast.


Koppen Global Climate Map

This map was first published in 1884 and has been modified many times since as scientists have learned more about climates around the world.

Have students look at where Missouri would be in North America and decide what color it is (green Cfa) and blue (Dfa) and read the description for the code.

Next, have them look at other parts of the world that have the same color to see where the climate is similar to Missouri's. (It might be useful to coordinate this activity with social studies)



Missouri Climate Map

This page has four different maps of Missouri. Each one has different information. Have the students look at the maps to see where different amounts of precipitation, different tempertures, different climate categories and different ecological land types overlap.


Teaching Climate Change K-5

This is a summary of the topics covered in the Missouri Learning Standards Earth and Space Sciences 2 and 3 for Kindergarten to 9-12.

Note that climate change is not introduced until 6th - 8th grade, and then only as factors causing temperature to rise.

It is very important that topics that have scary implications are not presented to students until they have been provided the skills to address them. Otherwise they may feel helpless, which can lead to all kinds of bad outcomes.

Instead, work to instill in them a sense of trust in high quality data and their ability to predict future events using data. This will set the stage for their ability to evaluate information about the scary stuff in the future!