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Lessons about Biodiversity and Habitat Loss

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Lessons - stand alone activities with specific learning objectives

Caught in the Net. UE Bycatch can be defined as the act of unintentionally catching certain living creatures using fishing gear. A bycatched species is distinguished from a target species (the animal the gear is intended to catch) because it is not sold or used. Marine mammals (whales, dolphins, porpoises), seabirds, sea turtles and unwanted or undersized fish are some examples of animals caught as bycatch. The incidental capture of these animals can significantly reduce their populations. The most well known example of bycatch may be the unintentional mortality of spotted and spinner dolphins in the tuna fishing industry. "Dolphin-Safe" tuna was a result of this interaction (Be prepared to discuss how this came about with students, as it is something close to their daily lives). One important aspect to consider when discussing this issue is that laws protect some of the animals caught as bycatch (Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act). In this lesson, students will first be shown pictures of entangled marine animals and will discuss the definition of bycatch. This will lead to discussions on why bycatching exists, how it impacts specific animals as well as humans, whether the students believe it is an important issue, and how bycatch can be reduced. From TeachEngineering -

Extinction Prevention via Engineering. UE Species extinction is happening at an alarming rate according to scientists. In this lesson, students are asked to consider why extinction is a problem that we should concern us. They are taught that destruction of habitat is the main reason many species are threatened. The lesson explores ways that engineers can help save endangered species.TeachEngineering -

Grevy's Zebra Grant Request Webquest.MS Students perform a webquest to gather information about Grevy's zebras and conservation. The scenario: they are applying for a research grant from the Lotzamoni family. The family is well known for its support of conservation programs. The mission is to create a PowerPoint presentation about Grevy's zebras that will convince the family that Grevy's zebra conservation is necessary. St. Louis Zoo

Ivory Wars. MS. Students will learn about the history of killing elephants for trade, the debate and legislation in the 1990s about the ivory trade and the pros and cons of killing elephants for trade. Discovery Education

Lessons - Curriculum - Books - Games - Videos - Movies - Stewardship - Links

Curriculum - multiple, connected and sequenced activities



Lessons - Curriculum - Books - Games - Videos - Movies - Stewardship - Links

Books - and other readings

Saving Birds - This new book focuses on the experiences and efforts of grownups and children, scientists and volunteers working to save birds in very different corners of the world. Sometimes political and economic realities push their way into the picture, and at other times the challenges are more physical: scaling treacherous cliffs or braving rough seas to do the work that needs to be done to save birds. But as we learn about each bird and its problems, we see how our heroes use their imaginations to "think outside the box," coming up with unconventional and unusual methods-that work!


Lessons - Curriculum - Books - Games - Videos - Movies - Stewardship - Links

Games - outdoor, on-line, board, etc.

Survival, An Endangered Animal Game from ARKive- An online game. Play alone, with friends or family to reveal the identities of 9 of the world’s most endangered animals. The longer you survive, the more stars you earn. Stars unlock hidden photos and release new characters. Download for Free.


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Videos - short, topical on-line videos



Lessons - Curriculum - Books - Games - Videos - Movies - Stewardship - Links

Movies - feature length movies and documentaries

To the Arctic 3D - An IMAX documentary that follows a mother polar bear and her two cubs.

Chimpanzee - This documentary about Chimps explores the struggle for survival of a troop from the perspective of young Oscar


Lessons - Curriculum - Books - Games - Videos - Movies - Stewardship - Links

Stewardship Activities


Lessons - Curriculum - Books - Games - Videos - Movies - Stewardship - Links

Links to regional, state, national and international organizations

Agriculture and Environment Lesson Plans. HS and adult. This page provides links tolesson plans, classroom projects and teaching activities for: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Forestry, Animal Science, Environment, Food Science/Culinary Arts, Horticulture, Floriculture, and Landscaping. Vocational Information Center,


Lessons - Curriculum - Books - Games - Videos - Movies- Stewardship - Links

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