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MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

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MEEA Board Responsibilities

President | Secretary/President Elect | Treasurer | Board | Director


The President's responsibilities are 1) to set the agenda and run the meetings, and 2) to have and exercise general charge and supervision of the coporation (MEEA) including staff. This is a two year term, with the first year as president/elect secretary and the second as president. It is one of the shortest descriptions because this position is responsible for overseeing all of the activities listed below.

President Elect/Secretary

The President Elect/Secretary's responsibilities are 1) to perform the duties and possess and exercise the powers of the President at their request or in their absence or disability, 2) to communicate with team leaders and staff monthly to check on progress, 3) to take minutes at the meetings (except when chairing them in which case they should designate a substitute secretary), 4) to serve as chief liaison with the North American Association for EE and 5) countersign all instruments executed by the President on behalf of the corporation as directed by the Executive Board. This is a two year term, with the first year as president/elect secretary and the second as president.


The Treasurer's responsibilities are 1) to keep the records of the books of account of the Corporation and receive and disburse funds of the Corporation as directed by the board, 2) keep accurate accounts of all financial transactions, 3) make reports at the monthly meetings, 4) make all records available for audit as directed by the board, 5) submit an annual summary of transactions at the end of the year and 6) oversee the financial responsibilites of the organization. In practice, the treasurer oversees the work of the executive director who handles day to day management of resources and of the accountant who prepares quarterly financial statements and preparation of non-profit filing to the IRS (the 990 EZ). The treasurer is the convener of the Resources Team. This is a two year term.

At-Large Board Members

The At-Large Board Members' responsbilities are 1) to help set policy under the supervision of the President, and 2) to assist with developing plans for and implementing policy goals and objectives, including being part of a Team, assisting with the Conference and providing at least one monthly column for the newsletter.

Executive Director

The Director's responsibility is to help implement board policies, goals and projects. People Team duties include : handling membership applications and renewals, newsletter, website, facebook posts, coordinating EE awards, working with other groups, and attending and tabling at conferences and workshop. Purpose Team duties include: managing the certification program, providing logistical support for the conference, coordinating EE grants. Resources Team duties include: tracking and managing income and expenses, working with the treasurer and board to develop the annual budget, working with the treasurer and accountant to prepare the annual 990 EZs, apply for grants and scholarships, and develop and implement fundraising strategies. Governance Team duties include: researching issues for the board to consider, assisting with strategic planning, and filing required paperwork.