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MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

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Teams - People, Purpose, Resources, Governance



MEEA is seeking nomination for officer and board positions for 2018 - 2019.

Secretary/President Elect - 2 years (second year as President)

Treasurer - 2 years

At-Large Board members (3 positions) - 2 years

Download an application, fill it out and submit completed nominations to Jan Weaver at no later than Jan. 15.

2017 Board

The President's responsibilities are 1) to set the agenda and run the meetings, and 2) to have and exercise general charge and supervision of the coporation (MEEA) including staff. This is a two year term, with the first year as president/elect secretary and the second as president. It is one of the shortest descriptions because this position is responsible for overseeing all of the activities listed below.

President - Susan Flowers, St. Louis (lower right hand)
(Mar 2017-Feb 2018)

I believe we are at a pivotal moment where environmental education efforts could make a critical difference in the long-term sustainability of our natural resources and global biodiversity. Many of us are doing what we can to make a difference in our local communities, but we need to share our ideas, challenges, and successes as environmental educators across our state to have greater impact. Being involved with MEEA allows me to have this greater impact, supporting environmental

Susan Flowers with students

education efforts for all Missouri students. The MEEA newsletter and website are fantastic resources and the annual Green Schools and Environmental Education Conference brings us all together!

The President Elect/Secretary's responsibilities are 1) to perform the duties and possess and exercise the powers of the President at their request or in their absence or disability, 2) to communicate with team leaders and staff monthly to check on progress, 3) to take minutes at the meetings (except when chairing them in which case they should designate a substitute secretary), 4) to serve as chief liaison with the North American Association for EE and 5) countersign all instruments executed by the President on behalf of the corporation as directed by the Executive Board. This is a two year term, with the first year as president/elect secretary and the second as president.

President Elect/Secretary - This position is currently open
(Mar 2017-Feb 2018)




The Treasurer's responsibilities are 1) to keep the records of the books of account of the Corporation and receive and disburse funds of the Corporation as directed by the board, 2) keep accurate accounts of all financial transactions, 3) make reports at the monthly meetings, 4) make all records available for audit as directed by the board, 5) submit an annual summary of transactions at the end of the year and 6) oversee the financial responsibilites of the organization. In practice, the treasurer oversees the work of the executive director who handles day to day management of resources and of the accountant who prepares quarterly financial statements and preparation of non-profit filing to the IRS (the 990 EZ). The treasurer is the convener of the Resources Team. This is a two year term.

Treasurer - Elizabeth Petersen, St. Louis
(Mar 2016-Feb 2018)

Elizabeth Petersen has been caring for the environment her entire life. Whether it was a clean up for her neighborhood lake or helping her daughter start a recycling program at her school, the environment has always been a key aspect in her life. Her first job out of college was working as an Environmental Biologist and her first teaching job was at the Missouri Botanical Garden as an Instructor for the Litzsinger Road Ecology Center. She was one of the first teachers to incorporate Stream Team (#76) into the science curriculum in the Ladue School District. She has participated in the Missouri Green Schools Program and coached many environmental events in the Science Olympiad Program, including Green Generation and Water Quality.


Elizabeth Petersen, MEEA Board Treasurer 2016

Ms. Petersen says that students really do love learning about the environment and that teaching about the environment is of the upmost importance in today’s economy.  She believes that we need a population who are not just scientifically literate but also, environmentally literate. MEEA is a great organization with great people and I love being on the board.

The At-Large Board Members' responsbilities are 1) to help set policy under the supervision of the President, and 2) to assist with developing plans for and implementing policy goals and objectives, including being part of a Team, assisting with the Conference and providing at least one monthly column for the newsletter.

At Large Board Member - Phyllis Balcerzak, St. Louis
(Mar 2017-Feb 2018)



At Large Board Member - Kristen Schulte, Columbia
(Mar 2016-Feb 2018)

I currently serve as the Education Coordinator for Missouri River Relief, and am in the process of working with that group’s education committee to refine MRR’s education philosophy and list of educational competencies. My passion for the outdoors and the environment was first ignited during a trail crew experience in the North Cascades, WA and has grown through similar experiences in Missouri – Cuivre River, the Current,, Busch Memorial Conservation Area, and out west- the Rockies, Yellowstone, Wyoming.

Kristen Schulte, MEEA Board Member 2015-2016

At Large Board Member
(Mar 2017-Feb 2018) OPEN


At Large Board Member - Carrie Mackey-Hammond, Jefferson City
(Mar 2017-Feb 2019)

Carrie Hammond works as an Interpretive Resource Specialist II at the Missouri State Museum in Jefferson City. She has also worked as an Educator and Excavation Researcher at the Missouri Institute of Natural Science and a Naturalist at Bennett Spring State Park. She also did graduate research in Nature Deficit Disorder.

She feels she can contribute to networking between MEEA and other organizations, with outreach programs, grant research and outdoor classroom and neighborhood garden advocacy.

Carrie Hammond

At Large Board Member - Melvin Johnson, Springfield
(Mar 2017-Feb 2019)

Melvin Johnson retired from the Springfield - Green County Park Board 2015 where he served as the Doling Community Ctr Directto and then as the Outdoor Initiatives Supervisor. He has also donated his time and experience to Master Naturalists, Safe Kids Springfield, and Springfield Grotto. He is certified or trained in camping, interpretation, Leave No Trace, LEP, Hunter Safety Education, NRA Marksmanship Safety, PLT, WILD and WET and other outdoor activities and sports.

Melvin Johnson

One of the areas he feels particularly able to work with MEEA is in making the connection to between Environmental Awareness and Outdoor Education.

At Large Board Member - Chrisine Li, Columbia (Mar 2017-Feb 2019)

I am currently an Assistant Professor in Environmental Education at University of Missouri, School of Natural Resources. I am working with undergraduate and graduate students to develop and evaluate environmental education programs. I received Ph.D in Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida in 2016 and obtained a master’s degree in Environmental Education from University of Minnesota-Duluth in 2012.

I have always been passionate about teaching and using education to engage public and

Christine Li

youth in learning about environmental issues. My career goals are to become a scholar designing high quality educational materials and conducting collaborative and interdisciplinary research to promote sustainability and resilience. Serving on the MEEA Board of Directors will enable me to meet and network with other environmental educators in Missouri and work together toward the common goal.

The Director's responsibility is to help implement board policies, goals and projects. People Team duties include : handling membership applications and renewals, newsletter, website, facebook posts, coordinating EE awards, working with other groups, and attending and tabling at conferences and workshop. Purpose Team duties include: managing the certification program, providing logistical support for the conference, coordinating EE grants. Resources Team duties include: tracking and managing income and expenses, working with the treasurer and board to develop the annual budget, working with the treasurer and accountant to prepare the annual 990 EZs, apply for grants and scholarships, and develop and implement fundraising strategies. Governance Team duties include: researching issues for the board to consider, assisting with strategic planning, and filing required paperwork.

Executive Director - Jan Weaver, Columbia (left side)

I have been a member of MEEA since it was formed, and served as a board member and president when I was the Director of the Environmental Studies program at the University of Missouri. I feel MEEA plays a key role in helping educators find resources they can use to help them with their environmental education activities, which is why I chose to work with and for MEEA after my retirement from MU.

Jan Weaver, Executive Director




MEEA organizes its work into four categories with the teams in each category helping with getting the work done.


This team covers membership, outreach and communication, including the newsletter and website, and our EE Awards


This team covers the conference, certification, and our EE grants


This team covers financial mangement, developing the budget and fund development. The treasurer chairs this committee.


This team covers strategic planning, by-law review and nominations. The president elect/secretary chairs this committee



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