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MEEA helps educators inspire Missourians to care about, understand and act for their environment.

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2018-2019 Board

Officers (job descriptions)
President - Jennifer Grabner, Columbia
I think I can help broaden MEEA’s visibility & network of partnering organizations to help increase participation by schools & other educators in various MEEA & Environmental Ed opportunities – particularly with the nonprofits & schools I’m connected with through the MO Healthy Food AmeriCorps Program & with organizations/entities with whom I worked during my time with the Southern Boone Learning Garden. I have served on several other nonprofit boards & committees over the past 10 years including Columbia's Community Garden Coalition board, the Boone County Extension Council, the Southern Boone YMCA board, the Southern Boone PTA, and of course the 2018 MEEA/GS conference committee
(Mar 2019-Feb 2020)
Jenny Grabner
President Elect/Secretary -Laura Seger, St. Louis
I have worked as both an educator and a manager of EE programs, for infants to adults. I am passionate about the field and have strong networks that are accessible as resources. I value the organization and mission and want to help provide support, and appreciate the networking opportunities with others in the field.
(Mar 2019-Feb 2020 - then this person becomes President)

Laura Seger

Treasurer - Jan Weaver, Columbia
I have been a member of MEEA since it was formed, served as a board member and president when I was the Director of the Environmental Studies program at the University of Missouri, and was the organization's first Executive Director. I feel MEEA plays a key role in helping educators find resources they can use to help them with their environmental education activities, which is why I chose to work with and for MEEA after my retirement from MU.
(Mar 2019-Feb 2021)

At-Large Board Members (job description)
Hannah Hemmelgarn, Columbia
(Mar 2019-Feb 2021)
I am currently the Education Program Coordinator at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry.  I am also a co-founder, mentor, and advisor for the Wild Folk Learning Community in Columbia, MO.  Drawing from my experiences as a naturalist educator, a farmer and permaculture instructor, I seek to learn from more-than-human relatives (plants, animals, fungi) as I grow in relationship with place, and to share the joy and wisdom of place-based environmental education with all types of learners.  My focus at UMCA is on agroforestry curriculum development and establishment of informal learning networks.  I hope to continue to build connections with the MEEA community as we work together for improved and expanded environmental education opportunities in Missouri. 
Sarah Holmes, Kansas City
(Mar 2019-Feb 2021)
I am a science teacher at heart with a huge love of the outdoors. My love of nature was fostered by my father, who helped me flip over rocks to look at life below and showed me how garden spiders wrap their prey. I currently teach 7th grade life science and AP Environmental Science at The Barstow School in Kansas City, MO. Our school has a vegetable garden, orchard and rain garden, all of which I had the great pleasure of helping students create. I believe that we cannot expect people to care about something that they haven't experienced. Therefore, I work to ensure students are able to experience nature in the same ways that I did as a child. 


Karen Keck, Kirksville
(Mar 2019-Feb 2021)
I teach environmental studies classes at Kirksville High School, and am the district's outdoor education coordinator.  My students and I partner every year with the regional MDC office for a Bioblitz and we have had a Stream Team for over twenty years.  We also participate in Envirothon and Science Olympiad competitions, and help maintain schoolyard gardens. My academic background is in botany and agronomy, and I worked for the USDA's Agricultural Research Service with a project that looked at how herbicdies and fertilizers travel into water supplies.  I look forward to becoming involved with MEEA's projects in the state.


Meredith Spiekerman-Byers, St. Louis
(Mar 2019-Feb 2021)
I am an Assistant Professor of Radiology with Washington University School of Medicine, specialize in Women's Imaging and directing 2 outpatient imaging centers.  For the past 5 years, I have been actively working in my children's schools and in our Kirkwood community to raise awareness around environmental learning and sustainability. I have first-hand experience in organizing and leading people around environmental awareness, and I acutely understand that we have to partner our schools with our citizens and community to raise environmental awareness, further sustainable learning, and grow knowledge in outdoor literacy. I am a member of the Kirkwood School District Outdoor Sustainability and Wellness Committees, and part of our Keysor Elementary Green Team whose work resulted the MO-DESE Green Ribbon in 2017 and the US DEA Green Ribbon Schools Award in 2018. My goal for MEEA is to grow partnerships between schools, districts, families and communities to successfully raise the next generation of environmental citizens.
Executive Director (job description)
Lesli Moylan, St. Louis
I have been a longtime youth gardening and outdoor education advocate, providing direct gardening and nutrition education to students as well as professional development opportunities for educators. My goal is to increase MEEA's visibility throughout Missouri so that more people can access this organization's many and varied resources. I fully buy into MEEA's tagline "Care, Understand, Act" and that's exactly what I want to help people do!





MEEA organizes its work into four categories with the teams in each category helping with getting the work done.


This team covers membership, outreach and communication, including the newsletter and website, and our EE Awards


This team covers the conference, certification, and our EE grants


This team covers financial mangement, developing the budget and fund development. The treasurer chairs this committee.


This team covers strategic planning, by-law review and nominations. The president elect/secretary chairs this committee



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