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2018 Missouri Green Schools
and Environmental Education Conference

November 2-3

Jefferson Middle School - Columbia

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Theme - Taking Learning Outdoors

The greatest opportunities to learn science, math, English and social studies can be found by looking out the window. The school yard and the back yard are the first and best places for students to develop their understanding of place, because they are so accessible and can be experienced in so many ways over a day, a year or a life time. Once students connect to one place, they have a more solid context for broadening the boundaries of "place" from their community to the planet. Join us as we explore ways to use place-based learning as a way to develop knowledge, skills and understanding.

Keynote: Mike Szydlowski-Columbia Public Schools, and Kristen Schulte-Missouri River Relief

Mike and Kristen have been working over the last few years to develop a Missouri River experience for all Columbia students. They will share what it takes to collaborate on a distinctive place-based experience



Location - Jefferson Middle School, Columbia

Jefferson Middle School - the Cyclones - has generously offered to donate meeting space for our 2018 Conference. Learn more about Jefferson Middle School

Map JMS's Location

JMS location map


Submit a Proposal

(Note about registration fees: Hands-on presenters will pay a discounted fee. Youth presenters under 18 will receive free registration. All other presenters will pay the regular or retiree/student registration fee.)

Submit your proposal online after reviewing the required information below

Download a proposal document for planning purposes. All proposals must be submitted online.



Preferred Format (pick one)

Alternative Format (same list as above, pick one)

Strand (pick one)

PROPOSAL PARTICULARS (this information will be used to evaluate the proposal)

Connections - For PreK-5 and 6-12 Curriculum Strands, list Environmental Connections e.g. water quality. For the Nuts and Bolts Strand, list Nuts and Bolts Connections e.g. grant writing. List at least one and no more than five.

Missouri Learning Standards - For PreK-5 and 6-12 Curriculum Strands, list at least one and no more than five Missouri Learning Standards. At least one must be a science standard. Use the MLS Code e.g. LS1.B.2. If you are doing the Nuts and Bolts strand, put NA.

Activities - For the Hands-on formats, list at least two and no more than five hands-on activities that will be covered. If you are not doing a Hands-on format, put NA.

Session Outline - For the Hands-on formats, describe in 150 to 200 words how you will use the 75 minutes from the beginning to the end. Include your hands-on activities and time allotted for program planning. This information will be on the conference website. If you are not doing a Hands-on format, put NA.

Resources - For all formats, what printed, online, or material resources do you plan to provide to attendees? (there are typically 5-25 attendees in any given session)

Learning Goal - For all formats, what will people know, understand and/or be able to do after attending your presentation?

Presentation Needs - For the Hands-on formats, list all needs for the presentation - visual, audio, outdoor access, water, electricity, etc. If you are not doing a Hands-on format, put NA.


Title - Use ten words or less.

Session Presenters - List presenters followed by their affiliations. If all are affiliated with the same institution, put that last. If any presenters are youth 12-23, put an asterisk after their names.

Session Description - Use 35 words or less.

Keywords - Use any combination of connections, MLS, or what people should know, understand, and/or be able to do that you provided elsewhere on this form. Use seven words or less.

Submission Deadlines


2018 Timeline

Hands-on Presentations and Bright Spots Deadline - August 4

Registration Opens - August 10

Poster and Table Talk Deadline - October 1

Early Bird Registration Deadline - October 10

Pre-Conference Field Trip and Social - November 2

Registration Closes - November 3 10:00 am

Conference - November 3



Friday November 2


Friday Workshop



Friday Night Social



Saturday November 3 Conference (proposed - may change)


Room 1


Room 2


Room 3

Nuts & Bolts

Room 4

MEEA Sessions

7:00 Registration and Check-in
7:45 Welcome
Awards & Announcements
Bright Spots (there may be more than one strand)
Table Talks
MEEA Meeting (with snacks)



Session Descriptions

Check out the sessions here (coming)


Registration (opens August 10)

Early Bird Deadline - October 1, 2018

There are 3 ways to register and pay for the conference

    1. Online Registration- You will need a credit card to register online.
    2. By Mail - Download the pdf, fill it in and mail it with a check to the address provided on the pdf.
    3. Request an Invoice - Download a pdf, fill it in, check the box requesting an invoice and fill in the required information and mail it to the address provided on the pdf.


MEEA Meeting

The MEEA membership meeting will commence promptly at 3:45.


  1. Report on 2018 Activites
  2. Financial Report
  3. Nominations for board positions
  4. Plans for 2019




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