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2017 Missouri Green Schools
and Environmental Education Conference

November 3-4

Kansas City Zoo - KC MO

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Theme - Nature: Pathways to Learning

Authentic experiences with Nature are pathways to learning math, reading, writing, science, citizenship and justice as well as about how the natural world works. The conference will focus on three specific pathways, green schools, standards, and sustainability.

Keynote -


Location - Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City Zoo has generously offered to donate meeting space for our 2017 Conference. Learn more about the KC Zoo!

Map the Zoo's Location

KC Zoo Location


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(Note: presenters will have to pay regular or student/retiree registration fees. This allows us to give lots of opportunities for folks to present)

online proposal submission

You will need (in addition to presenter info):




1. Green Schools - MEEA and MO-DESE have partnered to support the USDOE Green Ribbon Schools program. The program recognizes K-12 or higher-education schools that take a comprehensive approach to greening their school by incorporating environmental learning with improving environmental and health impacts. The three pillars of the program focus on the

  1. Reduction of environmental impact and costs;
  2. Improvement of the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff; and
  3. Providing environmental education, which teaches many disciplines, and is especially good at effectively incorporating STEM, civic skills, and green career pathways.

Sessions should address ways that schools can effectively meet the goals of the Green Ribbon Schools program and the criteria for selection (see the Sustainability, Health and Learning links at


2. Standards - Strong environmental education programs align with well-researched standards that promote environmental literacy. Two sets of standards guide Missouri environmental educators: 

Sessions in this strand may address the implementation of either or both of these standards in pre-K through higher education, formal and non-formal classrooms. Sessions can include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The adaptation of lessons/activities to align with standards,
  2. Standard alignment of extracurricular non-formal EE programs (afterschool programs, adult learning, STEM learning experiences, museum/zoo/field-trip experiences, gardens, etc.),
  3. Focus on the three-dimensional “shifts” in teaching and learning called for by the new MO Learning Standards,
  4. Outdoor/indoor nature learning experiences or programs aligned with standards.


3. Sustainability - The goal of environmental education for sustainability includes teaching about the environment, as well as one’s role in a world of interdependent cultural, social, governmental, and economic systems, in order to meet the needs of today while assuring intergenerational equity. 

Sessions in this strand may address but are not limited to one of the following:

  1. Programs and policies that promote environmental sustainability such as environmental educator certification (see
  2. Environmental career pathways,
  3. School/community/agency/industry sustainability programs and partnerships,
  4. Environmental and natural resource equity issues and/or programs,
  5. Stewardship and preservation of environmental systems programs.


  1. Interactive Sessions - 60 minutes. These presentations are 60 minutes. At least 20 minutes should be a hands-on activity allowing attendees to interact with learning materials (maps, organisms, tools, the outdoors) and with each other directly. Deadline June 30, 2017
  2. Table Talks- 30 minutes. These presentations take place sitting at a table with a small and changing audience that drops-in and drops-out depending on the relevance of the topic to them. This kind of presentation is ideal for walking individuals through the details of an activity, lab, or program. Deadline October 15, 2017
  3. Posters. Posters will hang through out the day but authors are expected to be available to talk about their posters for a short period in the afternoon at the same time as table talks. Deadline October 15, 2017
  4. EE Slam - 1 to 3 minutes. No slides. Just you up in front sharing a cool technique, a handy tool, a project you are working on, a book you wrote, a grant you want partners for, even a wild idea for changing the culture and direction of EE. Deadline November 4, 10 am, 2017 if slots are still open



2017 Timeline

Interactive Presentations Deadline - June 30

Registration Opens - July 15

Poster and Table Talk Deadlines - October 15

Early Bird Registration Deadline - October 15

Registration Closes - November 4 10:00 am

EE Slam Deadline - November 4 10:00 am or until time slots run out

Pre-Conference Field Trip and Social - November 3

Conference - November 4



Friday November 3


Friday Field Trip



Friday Night Social


Saturday November 4 (proposed - may change)

  Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
7:30 Registration and Check-in
8:30 CCS1 CCS2 CCS3 CCS4
9:45 CCS1 CCS2 CCS3


1:00 CCS1 CCS2 CCS3 CCS4
2:00 Break
2:15 Table Talks and Posters Session 1
2:45 Table Talks and Posters Session 2
3:15 EE Slam
3:45 MEEA Update, 2018 Meeting Details
4:00 Close



Session Descriptions





There are 3 ways to register and pay for the conference

    1. Online Registration- You will need a credit card to register online.
    2. By Mail - Download the pdf, fill it in and mail it with a check to the address provided on the pdf.
    3. Request an Invoice - Download a pdf, fill it in, check the box requesting an invoice and fill in the required information and mail it to the address provided on the pdf.







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