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Environmental Educator Certification - Level III

Requirements - Skills and Dispositions

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The Level III requirements include two multi-part written projects and four badges which demonstrate application of professional skills.



1. Teaching, Learners & Assessment

Show how your lessons, presentations and/or programs follow best practices for teaching, learners and assessments

2. Addressing an Issue

Use a variety of tools for exploring, choosing, evaluating and implementing a course of action to address an environmental issue

Directions Directions
Example (coming soon) Example
Fill-in Form Fill-in Form
Scoring Rubric Scoring Rubric
Resources Resources
NAAEE Requirements Met NAAEE Requirements Met


Project 1. Teaching, Learners and Assessment


Project 2. Addressing an Issue




Using the honor system, applicants can acquire virtual badges certifying that they have demonstrated a particular skill. The required skills are 1) model respectful, reasoned, behavior in 2 presentations and one interaction; 2) demonstrate 3 instructional methods for EE; 3) demonstrate engaging learners in the environment and their learning; and 4) demonstrate using teachable moments.

Applicants will demonstrate their skill in front of a third party certifier who is knowledgable about the skill whose name will be added to the skill sheet – very similar to what scouts do to add badges.When the applicant submits a signed, dated sheet, the certification coordinator will post a virtual badge on her or his certification web page and make a notation in the electronic and paper files.

Required Badges


NAAEE Requirements Met