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Environmental Educator Certification - Level II

Requirements - Understanding

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The Level II requirements include two multi-part written projects and 30 hours of professional development experiences.



Each project focuses on a different aspect of environmental education, knowledge of the field and teaching about environmental issues. Completed projects will be reviewed by the certification coordinator or peer graders who will evaluate them using a rubric available to the applicants. Applicants must score 85% to pass and can resubmit once with no additional fee if they don’t pass, using the comments on the rubric to improve their score.

1. The Field of Environmental Education

Summarize ten key influences in the field of EE and describe ways they helped shape it, and show understanding of EE resources

2. Teaching Environmental Issues

Use a variety of tools for developing and evaluating EE lessons, materials and programs


Directions Directions
Example Example
Fill-in Form Fill-in Form
Scoring Rubric Scoring Rubric
Resources Resources
NAAEE Requirements Met NAAEE Requirements Met


Project 1. The Field of EE



Project 2. Teaching Environmental Issues


Professional Development Experiences

Applicants must have attended 30 hours of professional development within 3 years of submitting their application. At least 4 hours should be in category 1 (provide a manual or materials for teaching), 4 hours should be in category 2 (structured outdoor experiences) and 4 hours should be in category 3 (cover EE history, practice or resources).

Professional development should be consistent with the goals established in their application and should help prepare them for the required quizzes, exams, papers and portfolio requirements.

Applicants will submit a list of program names, the providers, the dates, the hours and briefly describe what they learned (skill, instructional strategy, etc.) within the context of their self assessment and plan for professional development.

Visit MEEA's Workshops page for an up-to-date list of professional development workshops in Missouri.