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Environmental Educator Certification - Application

Planning for Professional Growth

Certification Home - Application - Level I - Level II - Level III - Level IV

The applicant will describe her or his own past and present professional development activities, conduct a self-assessment of the degree to which she or he currently meets core competencies in EE, and create a plan for her or his future professional development goals, including how pursuing Missouri Environmental Education Certification will help him or her accomplish those goals.

The completed application should be emailed or mailed to the certification coordinator along with the $10 application fee (which can be paid by check or online). The coordinator will review the certification for completeness and if complete, will accept the candidate into the program. The coordinator will set up a paper file and web page for tracking and recording the candidate's progress through certification.

The application and certification process follow the North American Association for Environmental Education's Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Educators very closely. You may find reviewing this document very helpful as you fill out the application. However, feel free to email Jan Weaver if you have any questions.

Download the Application

The Application is in document form. We recommend that you print it out, fill it in as you gather the relevant information and reflect on your goals, then type the information into the document and mail it or email it to MEEA

mail: MEEA, P.O. Box 13, Columbia MO 65205